Heroic Narrative Essays

Turns out she was smiling at Clint the whole time, not Ethan.

At the heart of each is a challenge, a conflict that we can relate to. This is my list—your job as the storyteller is to understand through these examples how conflict powers every great story in content creation.We all do it, and when we see the battle on screen, we’re transfixed. Not just against each other, at the track or in the ring or on the field.Nike’s message is simple and effective, and appropriately positive too: Put on your shoes and get some miles for your team. Humans are predisposed to tackling challenges, and in turn, fascinated by stories about overcoming them.At heart, you must emotionally engage with your audience in such a way that they want to read on or keep watching. You want your audience to feel connected to that hero and, in turn, cheer for him or her.And equally as important: Heros must be challenged in pursuit of their goals.A universal conflict is the belief in something that is not readily tangible, and maintaining that belief in spite of possible evidence or insistence to the contrary.We see Luke Skywalker’s attempt to tap into the “good” Force in the Who hasn’t talked at length about the opposite sex over drinks?He fixates on the cute blond up front—let’s call her Claire. When the bell rings, Ethan walks up to her and asks her out.She smiles, they date, and then it’s birds and bees and marriage and joint real-estate ownership. When the bell rings, he takes a deep breath and stands up only to trip over Clint’s deliberately outstretched leg.The reason he is my hero is because I want to be just like him.He loves his wife whom he has been married to for the past 35 years; he is very strong in his faith (Mormon) and loves all five of his children.

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