Help Writing Science Research Paper Methodology Example In Research Paper

If you want to quote more than two authors, you can write the last name of the first writer followed by the Latin abbreviation "et al." that stands for "and others."If you use more than one source written by one author and published in the same year, you should make them distinguishable by adding 'a,' 'b,' 'c,' etc. It should be written in the alphabetic order or based on a number of the publication.This list should contain the author's name, date of publication, the title of the book or journal, volume and page numbers.Let's get down to what parts of a scientific paper are considered common in the academic circles: This is the most common scientific research paper format.

A scientific paper should contain the abstract, the introduction paragraph, the method, results and discussion, and the conclusion.

However, it should simultaneously be brief and not exceed 200 words. Because it will help the readers to understand whether this research is interesting for them or not.

It will also be easier for them to figure out the author's main purpose and accomplishments.

Here are tips that will explain how to write an abstract for a scientific paper: It's not necessary for you to be an experienced author to write a scientific paper.

All you need is motivation and a great desire to do research.

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