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During the recruitment process, a hiring manager may receive dozens or even hundreds of job applications.

Instead of reading all of the materials in each application, they will typically review the cover letters first to determine which candidates are worth further consideration.

Writing an effective cover letter that gets you noticed by employers should include the following elements: Let’s look at each of these steps in more detail as a guide for writing a cover letter for your next job application.

Related: How to Format a Cover Letter As with many standard business letters, you should include a few pieces of information at the top of your cover letter.

Read more: 7 Powerful Ways to Start a Cover Letter Your second or body paragraph should be a brief overview of your background as is relevant to the position.

What professional achievements are you the proudest of?

Choose one or two and map them directly to the desired experience or qualifications the hiring manager is looking for, using just a few detailed but concise sentences.

Your next paragraph should focus on another key achievement or skills that is relevant to the position.

Instead of repeating details from your resume, expand on specific stories or anecdotes that display your fitness for the role.

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