Help With Solving Algebra Problems

The Distributive Property is one of the most important tools in algebra.

It provides a way to rearrange expressions full of variables, parentheses, and operations, and make complex problems easier to solve.

Sometimes, especially as you get more comfortable with algebra, you'll see a problem and know exactly what to do.

They let us add to, subtract from, multiply, and divide expressions while still preserving the equality of an equation.

If you can compare formulas or terms or shapes to problems you've solved before, it's a good bet that the strategy you used to solve them last time will help again now.: A big complicated problem is often just several small and simple questions stuck together.

See if there are pieces you can pull out to work on separately.

The word inverse means to turn inside out or upside down—in mathematics an inverse essentially turns a number around on itself.

A typical algebraic equation includes multiple operations.

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