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It was also fascinating to know how she learned to understand what people were saying because she wrote how sometimes she would place her fingers on their lips and would discover what they were saying from the movements of their lips.

At other times people would spell into her hand what they were saying.

The director suggested a former student named Annie Sullivan.

Annie had been blind, but had her eyesight restored by surgery.

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Portrait of Helen Keller as a young girl, with a white dog on her lap (August 1887) Helen Adams Keller was born a healthy child in Tuscumbia, Alabama, on June 27, 1880.

It's truly amazing what Helen and Annie were able to accomplish.Later, during World War II, she visited with wounded army soldiers encouraging them not to give up.Helen spent much of her life working to raise money and awareness for people with disabilities, especially the deaf and the blind.For example, she would put a doll in one of Helen's hands and then press the letters of the word D-O-L-L into the other hand. Then one day Annie put Helen's hand into water coming from a pump. Helen must have been very bright and Annie an amazing teacher, because soon Helen could read entire books in Braille.Then she spelled out water into Helen's other hand. Braille is a special reading system where the letters are made out of little bumps on a page.She had special motions she would use to indicate that she wanted her mom or her dad. She realized that she was different and it was extremely difficult to let others know what she needed.She would sometimes throw tantrums, kicking and hitting other people in anger.Interesting Facts about Helen Keller More Civil Rights Heroes: Susan B.Anthony Cesar Chavez Frederick Douglass Mohandas Gandhi Helen Keller Martin Luther King, Jr.Annie Sullivan Soon Helen's parents realized that she needed some special help.They contacted the Perkins Institute for the Blind in Boston.

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