Health Research Proposal Example

Mental disorders cause tremendous suffering for individuals, families, communities and societies.

They also increase the risk of co-morbid illnesses and social exclusion.

There is a need to strengthen the evidence base for the contextual scalability of interventions of promising or proven effectiveness for the promotion of mental health and the early identification and management of people at risk of or living with a mental disorder, taking into account the needs of different population groups across the life course.

Scope: Proposals must focus on mental disorders as defined by the WHO (see above), and must focus on implementation research in LMIC, and/or in vulnerable populations in HIC.

Dementia affects 47.5 million people worldwide with 58% of people living with dementia in low- and middle-income countries [5].

Each proposal should incorporate the following elements of implementation science as appropriate: aims to coordinate research on chronic diseases at a global level in order to enhance knowledge exchange across individual projects, and to better understand the impact of socio-economic, cultural, geopolitical and policy factors on the effectiveness and scalability of interventions, so as to appropriately adapt health interventions to different geographical, economic and cultural settings.

Research under funded projects in order to maximize the potential for learning across the network and the impact of the initiative as a whole.

Proposals must build on interventions with promising or proven effectiveness (including cost-effectiveness) for the respective population groups under defined contextual circumstances.

Interventions that address gender-associated risk factors and vulnerability to mental disorders or differences in access, utilization, or responsiveness to care should also be considered.

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