Health Benefits Of Running Essay An Essay On The Effects Of Cellphones

Kennihan defines it as running at a gentle pace slower than 6 mph (10 kph).

It’s free to do, and doesn’t require any equipment.“It can actually make you feel calmer and less stressed, which [may] also lead to better sleep,” says Amanda Shannon Verrengia, ACE-certified personal trainer and USA Track and Field and RRCA coach. There are many different ways to enjoy it, each of which can serve a unique purpose and provide different benefits.This is probably the most commonly practiced form of running, in part because it’s the most doable.From head to toe, mood to muscles, here’s why so many people extol the virtues of running.Alongside walking, running ranks among the most convenient exercise activities available.Just lace up your running shoes and you’re ready to hit the pavement — or the treadmill, track, park, or trail behind your house. And you don’t have to carve out precious alone time to run, either.As Verrengia notes, you can bring your dog with you, or head out with a friend or significant other.Speed work is also the most effective type of running workout for shedding fat.But because it is so physically demanding, it should only be performed after you’ve already built a strong fitness foundation through jogging and running.Jogging and distance running target your slow-twitch (type I) muscle fibers, which govern endurance.Alternately, sprinting targets the same fibers as weightlifting — your fast-twitch (type II) fibers — and when performed repeatedly in the context of a workout, is a form of high intensity interval training (HIIT).

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