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They were treated as slaves, not allowed to own land and have jobs, and they did not have the same justice as whites.An instance of unequal justice was witnessed when Emmett Till, a black person, was murdered in Mississippi for only whistling to a white woman. Civil Rights Movement Affiliation Civil Rights Movement Introduction The Civil Rights Movement that started during 1954 and passed through the era of 1965 represents the period that led to the accomplishment of various goals such as the: eradication of barriers based on race and led to various changes in the political, social and economical spheres of the black Americans (Friedman, 2008).The Harlem Renaissance also affected the social life of blacks, because a bit later, in 1940-50, many blacks moved to northern American cities that testified about the improvement of their social influence and the development of their cultural and social life.There were also many organizations created in order to defend and promote the rights and freedoms of African Americans, to inspire blacks and to remind them about their cultural identity (Huggins).The origins of the Harlem Renaissance movement could be traced to the Harlem neighborhood in New York City, where black artists, musicians, and art professionals gathered with the goal of changing the nature and history of racism in America.Although the Harlem Renaissance movement came to its end in the 1930s, its cultural and racial equality legacies continued to persist.The Harlem Renaissance produced profound influences in the culture and public consciousness in America and became one of the major drivers of the national Civil Rights Movement.

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Harlem, the district of the New York City, was the heart of the movement.The two white men arrested in connection with the incident were not judged. This movement even altered the rights of citizenship of the blacks and made the court of law and the governments protect the rights of blacks. The Civil Rights Movement Set in Jackson Mississippi in the early 1960s, The Help provides a succinct ofthe relations between people of different classes and races.The novel centers on a century subsequent to the American Civil War.On the other hand, the Harlem Renaissance changed the nature of political relations and life in America during the 1950s.The Harlem Renaissance resulted in the development of new knowledge about Black Nationalism (PBS, 1998).This is also what Professor William Drummond says: the Harlem Renaissance was the period and the major driver of the rebirth of the Negro people and the creation of the New Negro.By the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement, African Americans had sufficient knowledge and power to fight for their rights successfully and effectively. College Question One Civil Rights Movement was a social movement aimed at struggling for the political and civil improvement of thelives of Black Americans.These procedures were extremely tenuous in most states hence; most movements were not able to achieve the set standards.This paper will describe how Martin Luther King and Malcolm X had a vast influence in the civil rights movement.Members of both white and black races worked together to reduce and eliminate racial stereotypes and create a more positive image of African Americans (Kramer, 2009).The discussed cooperation eventually became one of the lasting legacies of the Harlem Renaissance and one of the crucial preconditions for the emergence of the Civil Rights Movement.

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