Hamlet Critical Essay

The concept of life and necessity to act responsibly become clear to him.After this scene there is a significant difference in approach to his revenge.Hamlet wants to kill him when he in his 'incestuous bed' not at a time when he is most angelic.It also provides further proof that Hamlet does not want revenge for his father, and feels more disgrace to him for taking his mother away from him and the crown.It leads to question whether Hamlet did want revenge but I feel that he now has enough confidence that he no longer needs to justify himself to his father and revenge is not important.He knows has strong views and ideas about anything after death and it no longer scares him.His feelings at the beginning suggest death was not a factor to deter him but I think he was using a hard exterior to fool others and maybe himself.

In this essay I aim to examine Hamlet's state of mind and personality within four incidents.To analyse the changes in the character of Hamlet it must first be considered how he deals with the news of his father's death before further revelations are revealed and then track his thoughts and actions as the play progresses.It must be determined if there is evidence of Hamlet being suicidal over the death of his father without such events as his 'antic disposition' in the way.I think he does remarkably well to deal with the situation and do no think that I could.I don't think he does revenge his father's murder but does not need to. Introduction 'Hamlet' 'Hamlet' is a play written by William Shakespeare in late 15th or early 16th century.The main character Hamlet faces many difficulties, which cause him to doubt life, question death and look at human characters.For if not, then his 'antic disposition' doesn't hide true madness leading to failure to get revenge. Middle He tells her that women are just acting, however this time not in a good sense.He sees their 'painting' of a new 'face' as an act against God to assist them in their 'wanton' lives which makes 'me mad'.Polonius' death marks the death of an immature Hamlet because they are very much alike, both nosey and very wordy.It provides mental recognition for Hamlet that he is changing and his childish way, from such scenes as Gertrude's closest, are not needed anymore.

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