Hamlet And Macbeth Compare And Contrast Essay Thesis Research Proposal Model

He does not think about murder and the consequences that it brings.

When Macbeth was told his prophecy, he also heard his best friend Banqo's prophecy.

Introduction In William Shakespeare's plays Hamlet and Macbeth there are many similarities, along with many differences.

For starters both plays are named after the main characters.

Hamlet on the other hand only killed out of revenge, and self defense.

Hamlet views murder as an act which must be thought over before being committed.

Most of his tragedies can be easily compared , especially Macbeth and Hamlet.

The similarities between Macbeth and Hamlet are different men involved in different situations.Hamlet on the other hand, was the protagonist in his story: the "good guy" whom the reader wants (or at least whom Shakespeare planned for them to want) to succeed in the end.He was also a murderer, but for a different reason. Middle He allowed his greed to manifest itself in the upper tiers of his mind instead of pushing it back like he had before.When he took this avarice to the point of murder, it snowballed out of control down a hill that ultimately ended with him dead.Hamlet's flaw on the other hand was even more tragic, because it was perhaps "the right thing to do." Hamlet let his lust for vengeance go too far though and it blinded him to the dangers that were lurking around him.To start off with both plays have Supernatural occurrences.In the beginning of Macbeth, there are three witches who prophesized that Macbeth would be the Thane of Cawdor, and then would be king. In the beginning of Hamlet, Hamlet meets his fathers ghost and is told that Claudius killed him.Macbeth and Hamlet had two different reasons for killing.Macbeth killed people who stood in his way as king.The particular popularity of Hamlet and Macbeth is due in part to some of these common characteristics, especially to the fascination of the supernatural, the absence of the spectacle of extreme undeserved suffering, the absence of characters which horrify and repel and yet are destitute of majesty. The reader who looks reluctantly at Iago gazes at Lady Macbeth in awe, because though she is dreadful she is also morally worthy. Macbeth makes an impression quite different from that of Hamlet.

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