Hair And Beauty Salon Business Plan

The Health and Safety Executive provides a brief guide to some of the risks of hairdressing here and offers an example of a salon risk assessment here.

Behind any successful salon is some savvy selling, so get a marketing plan in place to give your salon the best shot possible.

As such, life as a franchise is made easier but then again, you’ll still be slightly constrained. Regardless of whether you go it alone or down the franchising route, you’ll need to draw up a business plan to win the confidence of investors.

Check out our run-through of common small business mistakes while you’re at it and try to avoid them when building your plan.

The right premises are vital for your salon, so take your time finding the right location.

Whatever you do here don’t rush, and take legal advice if you’re unsure.

Once you’ve constructed a solid business plan, financing your business will follow.

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