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We use the analogy of template quite deliberately since a template is... So, we'll concentrate on helping you build a pattern - your own business plan template.

To start with, we have to say that there is a bad news / good news scenario. Even if not a single word is written down, the very fact of thinking about what you want to do, and how you want to do it is a start.

Here's an outline and the seven ways an online business plan differs.

And if your business will be online, check out a free trial download of the manual that has been heralded as the 'bible' to anyone who wants to make their web site make money.

We will draw on our experience to provide some insight to help you.

Most important - we will focus on things that a family business should particularly address in their business plan.

You're strong, and facing this head on, so you want the bad news first, right...? Franklin was right when he said that to fail to plan is to plan to fail. We'll reinforce some of the wisdom and attack some of the myths that have grown up about business plan templates by answering some key questions.

If you want to make your family business more successful, start with developing a business plan.

The sooner you get to work, the more progress you can make, and the bigger your head start.

You also don’t necessarily need to quit your current job just yet.

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Download the free version of Growthink's Business Plan Template.

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