Group Study Exchange Essay Of Intent

Along with some common points that should be made no matter where you are sending your motivation letter (qualifications, goals, interests/passions related to your studies), there are also some important details to add when applying to schools abroad.Of course, the first question you should be prepared to explain is the reason why you want to study abroad and not in your home country.Too specific, and you may miss out on a chance to demonstrate your creativity, but too open-ended and you risk going in the opposite direction of what the staff is looking for.Therefore, many students express not knowing what exactly it is they are supposed to write about.I have an excellent grade list so that would not be a problem but I am worried about my letter. PS: My name is not Barack and I do not go to Mordor Dear Sirs, I am pleased to write this letter in order to apply for a position in your exchange program.My name is Barack Obama, and I am a student International Econometrics and Operations Research at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam and a proud member of this years Dean's List, created for the best 25 students of the Erasmus School of Economics.

These courses would provide me with a deeper knowledge and more insight in subjects that are necessary for my future career path.

I am confident I would prove to be an enthusiastic and hard working student.

Thank you for considering my request and I look forward to your positive response.

Second is the opportunity to gain international experience in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

I think studying, living and having a good time with other international students will broaden my horizon and enable to build friendships with other students from all over the world.

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