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I have also outlined the modes of communication that I use in my teaching, the potential barriers to communication when teaching, and how to motivate learners to overcome the communication barriers.

Assignment (CTLLS): – Assessment and Feedback In this assignment, I have explored the concept of assessment and its role (theory) in the teaching and learning cycle and then finish by evaluating (application) 3 types of assessment.

Students are not permitted to drive in this environment until they have passed their driving test.

This would be a motivating and ongoing development of their driving skills and would provide a current assessment with positive feedback to the student on this new challenge.

At the end of the briefing session participants will be aware of what inclusive learning involves, how to motivate and engage students and establish ground rules.

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Also included in this assignment is a case for student-centred versus teacher-centred learning.

However, the teacher should use this to an advantage towards establishing a safe and supportive learning environment, by observing what role the students take in this exercise, to look at how the initial roles within the group are.

The kinds of roles that can be taken in are discussed in Belbin’s Team Roles theory and has nine roles based on people’s likely behaviours within a team: Shaper, Teamworker, Resource Investigator, Monitor Evaluator, Plant, Completer-Finisher, Implementer, Co-ordinator and Specialist. This can help the teacher to establish how to provide a supportive learning environment by starting to indicate where some students may need more help to fully participate in the learning environment.

Adult Education Establishment provides support to students in a number of ways.

Some of them are discussed in this assignment: Financial Support, Additional Learning Support, Counselling Advice and Career Advice (Word Count approximately 900) Assignment (PTLLS) : – Rational for devising Scheme of Work for the course I teach This assessment evaluates the way I devised week by week teaching of my course (Word Count approximately 320) This assignment summarises the key elements of the following Acts and relate each of them to my current teaching: Disability Discrimination Act, Sex Discrimination Act, Race Relations Act, Health and Safety at Work Act (Word Count approximately 1200) This assessment is about the professional code of practice with reference to the Lifelong Learning UK Introduction pamphlet and how I intend to integrate the six domains (overarching standards) into my teaching (Word Count approximately 870) This assessment is about my role as a teacher/tutor.

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