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Hey, I really need some help with the Maths 'Opposite Corners' grid coursework, and I'm going out to the lostprophets concert tonight, and I really want to get it done before I go.

Well, the coursework is the one where there is a 10 x 10 grid, with a box drawn on it, and you have to find the different between the (top left corner x bottom right corner) and the (top right corner x bottom left corner).

When the ASSIST website indicates “no comparable course” or “not articulated,” the selective major course requirement will be waived for UC Davis admission/TAG, but must be completed after enrolling at UC Davis.

You can find CCC courses that are comparable to UC Davis courses using the ASSIST website.

Your formula gives 10*5(5 - 2) 10 = 10*15 10 = 160. You can simplify the formula even more: 10n(n - 2) 10 = 10[n(n - 2) 1] = 10[n^2 - 2n 1] = -- The method that you used for squares can be extended to rectangles.

Each engineering department requires certain courses in math, science, communication, and engineering fundamentals.

Depending on your student status, requirements vary: plans and overall graduation requirements for each engineering major and links to the UW course catalog for each department.

Your actual course schedule will vary, based on your academic background and course availability.

Please check with the specific engineering department adviser or at the Engineering Advising Center (Loew 301) for most recent materials.

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