Green Revolution Essay Critical Thinking And Problem Solving Skills

While folk wisdom, largely based on the experience of England during the Industrial Revolution, suggests that agricultural productivity growth should lead to industrialisation and subsequent development, the relationship between the Green Revolution and structural change is theoretically ambiguous (Matsuyama 1992).

Entrepreneurs stress the importance of business planning in the creation of their companies, many of them tell stories of how creating their business plans elucidated their ideas and gave them the direction they lacked hitherto.

This is likely in part because changes in agricultural productivity could be influenced by a range of factors, including government investment, education, the quality of credit markets and property rights, or income.

Academic and policy debates on the impact of the Green Revolution remain far from conclusive (e.g. 2003, and Pingali 2012 on the benefits; Ladejinsky 1970, Griffin 1974, Harriss 1977, and Shiva 1991 on the downsides).

Productivity growth was driven almost entirely by the development of new high-yield varieties (HYVs) for a set of major crops that generate significantly more food output per land area (Ball et al. This transformation of agricultural production has been dubbed the Green Revolution.

Despite the vast changes in agricultural production associated with the Green Revolution, and the centrality of agricultural productivity growth in many models of industrialisation and development (eg. 1989), causal evidence on the economic effects of the Green Revolution remains scarce.

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