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Pip describes to us the clothes she is wearing and the state they are in and this tells us that she has left things the same for a very long time.‘But, I saw that everything within my view which ought to be white, had been white long ago, and had lost its lustre, and was faded and yellow.’ Miss Havisham has spent her life dwelling on one incident that happened when she was young.Miss Havisham makes demands of Pip one of these being to call Estella in. At the door.” To stand in the dark in a mysterious passage of an unknown house, bawling Estella to a scornful young lady neither visible nor responsive, and feeling it a dreadful liberty so to roar out her name, was almost as bad as playing to order. You can break his heart.”‘ This seems to be Havisham’s overall plan, to have Estella brake men’s hearts.‘”Call Estella,” she repeated, flashing a look at me. But, she answered at last, and her light came along the dark passage like a star.’ The name Estella means star and she seems to be the light in Pip’s life. ‘Let me see you play cards with this boy.” “With this boy? When Pip sat down to play cards with Estella, he notices how peculiar everything is.The fact that she places anything she moves back in the place from which it came and that the shoe that has been left out has never been worn.Most of chapter eight is just Pip noticing things like these. At one point her snootiness made him upset and he started to cry.

‘Great Expectations’ Language Charles Dickens uses descriptive writing throughout his novel.In chapter eight we are introduced to Miss Havisham.Miss Havisham is a woman who is quite old and not in the best of mental states.Although at the time the two were not formerly introduced to each other.She only called Pip, “Boy”, she obviously doesn’t care for other peoples feelings and also is quite snobbish and thinks she is superior to everyone.This is a terrifying thing to happen to anyone never mind a young boy who is already orphaned.Although not found out until nearer the end of the novel, Magwitch appreciates the help given to him by Pip by rewarding him with a high flying life in London.Some bright jewels sparkled on her neck and on her hands, and some other jewels lay sparkling on the table.Dresses, less splendid than the dress she wore, and half-packed trunks, were scattered about.For example Scrooge was memorable and this is down to the writing style of Dickens.Despite at times finding it hard to understand ‘Great Expectations’ is a very good read which makes you think.

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