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These adaptations are quite sensible, allowing the aye-aye to see well at night and retrieve grubs, which are one of its primary food sources, from deep within hollow branches.However, the aye-aye’s striking appearance may end up causing its extinction.

You will have 30 minutes to plan and compose a response in which you develop a position on the issue according the specific instructions.The clues "enjoyed all kinds of candy" and "his absolute favorite" dictates that the blank means does not mean liking. The twins' heredity and upbringing were identical in nearly every respect, yet one child remained unfailingly sanguine even in times of stress while her sister was prone to angry outbursts that indicated an exceptionally choleric means one's surroundings while the other three words are concerned with the physical rather than the mental.[ ] See the Answer Questions 5-6 are based on the following reading passage.Long before Western science became enthralled with this nocturnal denizen of Madagascar’s jungles, the aye-aye had its own reputation with the local people.The aye-aye is perhaps best known for its large, round eyes and long, extremely thin middle finger.Choice (E) is incorrect because the information given is focuses more on the aye-aye itself than on the culture of Madagascar.Answer: (A) and (B) Choices (A) and (B) can both be inferred from the passage. The classification of the aye-aye changes, which demonstrates that such classifications are not absolute.[ ] See the Answer Sentence Equivalence questions consist of one sentence with six answer choices.Your job is to choose the two answer choices that logically complete the sentence. Possessed of an insatiable sweet tooth, Jim enjoyed all kinds of candy, but he had a special Answer: (B) affinity and (F) predilection The word in the blank is used to describe Jim's feelings for gumdrops.There are three answer choices per blank, or five answer choices if there is a single blank.There is a single correct answer, consisting of one choice for each blank.

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