Grace And Gratitude Essentials Of A Good Personality Essay

And since incorruptibility is better than corruptibility, it looks as if something lacking goodness is better than its corruptible counterpart, which has goodness. Augustine writes: “What can be more monstrous than to maintain that by losing all [its] goodness [something can] become better” (Ibid.)?

Thus we need God’s help in order to restore the good of our nature and bring us into conformity with his will.

Those views provide a good context for understanding his unique synthesis of Christian teaching and Aristotelian philosophy.

Also, his meta-ethical views provide an ideal background for understanding other features of his moral philosophy such as the nature of human action, virtue, natural law, and the ultimate end of human beings.

It would be a mistake, then, to speak of evil as an actual “thing,” if by “thing” we mean an existing being or quality.

For evil is a of what is actual, like blindness or sickness.

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  1. Boo is suffering from these ideals because his parents have decided that the best way to deal with his mental illness is to lock him up in their home for his entire life, which inspires the idea that he is a terrifying, ghost-like monster that haunts the neighbourhood.