Good Transition Words For A Descriptive Essay

The ordering of those visceral details is oftentimes the spatial order.

This means the details a writer includes in a descriptive essay "move" the reader's attention over the details much like a lens.

Use these expressions to introduce your new and insightful conclusion. Hopefully, with the help of these transition words, your essay should now flow more naturally.Depending on the linking words selected, the connection between the concepts becomes more apparent, clear, vivid, self-explanatory, definite or on the contrary, more nebulous, vague, inexplicit, ambiguous or obscure.Please feel free to download this concise and comprehensive guide as a 2 page cheat sheet Linking Words & Connecting Words — the PDF contains all the Conjunctions & Transitional devices listed on these 2 pages.When telling a story, a writer uses a chronological order, or time order, to give important details about what happened.Sometimes a writer can use flashbacks or jumps forward in time, but he or she always uses these effects carefully, and uses transitional words and phrases to maintain a flow in the narrative.Each of these four modes, or types of essays, do slightly different jobs, and information is delivered to the readers in slightly different ways for each mode.That ordering of information should be preplanned by the writer in an outline, and implemented in the essay with the inclusion of transitional words and phrases in order to ensure a seamless reading experience for the reader.For this, we need linking words or linking phrases.These are a set of words used to join concepts and to express the relationships between concepts.A concept by itself does not necessarily communicate a clear, unambiguous, understandable meaning.Therefore, especially in written communication, it is more than helpful, to use words, which can join ideas (expressed in different words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs).

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