Good Thesis Statement Book 1984 American Dream Research Paper

The novel had mesmerized the writer himself that he could not follow a single line of thought.

The book offers a plethora of theories on which a society runs and how the majority of the society is tamed like sheep.

The research topics for Orwell 1984 are unending and shall remain so as long as we are living in a society which demands a leader.

The role of media in the society presented in the novel by George Orwell, 1984 cannot be underestimated nor can the commentary about the possible future in the novel be ignored.

At first, he is seized up with anxiety, realizing that he had thought so much about the act of writing that he had not thought much at all about what he was actually going to say.

Unit Theme: Censorship Purpose: To explore the clash between culture and personal belief Objective: To write a persuasive essay that convinces the audience that the banned book you have chosen should not have been banned or censored. The key to a thesis statement is to present a short, effective narrative saying what it is you believe. Winston is beginning to recuperate his capacity for critical thought and self-expression, as well as memory, which had eluded him earlier.The continued battle for self-expression however will be almost as difficult and as challenging as living in a repressive society where the media are instruments of hate, misunderstanding, and misinformation. As Cohn points out in his thesis statement for 1984 by George Orwell, an astute analysis of media tactics following the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001, it is not even the intent to misinform or propagandize that is most dangerous.I can give you what my or other ideas might be, but you need to decide how you see the book in relation to the question. George Orwell book nineteen eighty four has captured more eyeballs than any other novel written in that era.The sense that Winston’s capacity for critical thinking and self-expression have been robbed from him are amplified by the fact that when Winston is finally able to translate his thoughts to the page the reader learns that Winston has not written in so long that his handwriting is tentative and “childish," “stragg[ling] up and down the page" (Orwell 8).No one in Oceania needs to write because all thought and information, or more accurately, propaganda, are conveyed through telescreens.One of Orwell’s astute observations about politics and society that forms the axis around which his novel is tshat the media have an incredible degree of influence with respect to shaping thought.While the responsibility of journalism, whether in print or electronic format, is to inform the citizens of facts (Kosicki 114), the fact of the matter is that the media are by no means neutral (Cohn 25)., and the concerns that George Orwell articulates in his novel 1984 (as well as in other novels by George Orwell such as Animal Farm) are as relevant today as they were during the author’s own time, if not more so.I have to write an essay on a novel we chose (1984) and I am having some trouble thinking of a good thesis statement.If somebody could give me some insight I would greatly appreciate it.

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