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It was at this point that I realized when you put a lot of crazy glue on paper, it leaves a nasty stain in the ink.When I built the second wing, I made sure to put this piece in first. I would also recommend making the slots in the cockpit a bit larger than necessary.Unfortunately for me I realized right after I glued the top and bottom together that I had forgotten to do this.

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Another agricultural ship which did have jump capability survives with the fleet. Google(); req('single_work'); $('.js-splash-single-step-signup-download-button').one('click', function(e){ req_and_ready('single_work', function() ); new c. then unfolded the cleaned up meshes, tidied up instructions and uploaded the kits. Over time revisions have been made to some of the kits, and all kits presented here are the latest versions.Before I started the second attempt though, I decided that rather than cut out what I needed as I needed it, I would instead cut out all of the pieces so that all I had to do was “just” put them together.By the time I had finished cutting all 72 pieces out, including a seemingly endless number of triangle bits, a mere 5 hours had passed and my index finger was pretty badly dented and definitely bruised.Another forum member, Revell-Fan has since picked up the development of kits from the fleet pack, and thanks to him the fleet continues to grow.Enjoy, and if you appreciate the work we do, don’t forget to make a donation. Many hours have been spent developing these and we will continue to make new models available. The smaller version measures about 18 inches (1-1/2 feet) when completed, and the larger 36 inches (3 feet).Any amount is appreciated and helps to keep this site online, and the models available. If you appreciate what you find here please consider making a donation. Regardless of which you choose you’ll need the assembly instructions.Due to it’s size the model is split into the Bridge, Mid and Rear sections.The way they went together was definitely less obvious than the cockpit (which after putting 1 together cleared up a lot of my confusion) and there’s several CRAZY SMALL pieces.The guns under the wing, and the 3 raised pieces on top of the wing were so small that the only way to even handle them was with tweezers.

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