Good Schools For Creative Writing

Students also discount waiting for their muses and learn to write every day.

That is another way to say they learn time management and work ethic.

Your degree can help you land a position as an editor, a publisher or even teaching writing at a university.

With a double major, you can combine creative writing and marketing.

The salary for someone with a graduate degree is only slightly higher.

Your master's degree may not get you bigger royalties for the book you wrote, but it may get you a managerial position on a editorial staff.

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Many links will be directly to the English Department of the college website if we can't locate a more specific link to a creative writing program page for that institution.

There is an accepted writing form, and it can be learned.

Periods follow sentences, semi-colons punctuate independent clauses and adjectives modify nouns.

The biggest value in the degree program may be that aspect of transferrable skills.

It could also lie in the personal satisfaction of honing your skills as a professional writer.

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