Good Excuses For Missing Homework

But that’s OK – provided they are your top priority.We love planning, and it’s a wonderful road block in any process that requires us to actually achieve something.That’s OK though, because today I’ve got you covered with some purpose built excuses that have stood the test of time to prevent people from actively working on their lives, being productive, effecting change of any kind, or ultimately doing anything meaningful at all. Everyone will believe you because they assume you’re telling the truth.You can use these excuses, with the necessary modification, on: Although these excuses can help in many situations, they are primarily to be used when confronted with the possibility that there is something more for you to do in life than turn up to the office. I mean, just because you go out twice a week to drinks and stay out until midnight, sleep in on the weekends until midday and watch every episode of 6 different TV series is kind of irrelevant, right? After all, we are on a constant curve, striving desperately towards partnership and that is our one and only goal in life – to become a partner in a firm.The good part about the planning process as an excuse is that you can also rely on some other excuses in this list in the same breath like “haven’t got time” and “Person X hasn’t done what they said”.Of course your plan is probably a 5 year plan and in fact you haven’t even picked up the phone to find out if your business name is a trademark infringement yet – but that’s OK, because you need to ensure that you have built a colourful spreadsheet to show what might happen should the planning phase ever end and the implementation actually begin. This one is a good follow up to the “haven’t finished planning” excuse because it looks like you’re making progress.

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