Gone With The Wind Theme Essay Top 10 Business Plans

However, those who decide to take on the challenge of reading the whole book are certainly in for an incredible story.

When I was young, I fell in love with the beautiful dresses the Southern belles wore and the parties they went to and their various dances.

Even after Union soldiers had damaged Tara, her beloved plantation, Scarlett only worries about finding someone to marry so she can have access to his money.

She stops at nothing to get what she wants and even goes as far as stealing her sister’s wealthy boyfriend.

This difference is most likely due to the faux-maternal relationship Mammy has with the family, and Mitchell implies that Mammy can boss the family around and get away with it, even though she is considered to be an object.

Mammy serves as a nurse and caretaker to the O’Hara children, and this implies a faux-maternal relationship.

The name “Mammy” is eerily close to the word “Mommy.” Scarlett and her sisters often regard Mammy as a second mother, and yet she is considered their property.

Mitchell also implies, in a racist manner, that African-American women have a kind of “guile” that allows them to manipulate those under their care.

Adding to this racist fantasy, Mitchell further suggests that Mammy doesn’t find anything wrong with being owned by another human being.

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