Goals In Accounting Essay

Accounting, its Goals and Importance in the World In this era of fast flowing money and big multinational corporations, the practice of accounting for businesses has assumed greater importance.

Not only does accounting provide valuable information for investors who want to invest in a company, it also provides shareholders with a mark sheet of the management's performance during a financial year.

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Furthermore, the US companies may have to incur major costs to shift to the new global standards which could be costly for many.

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I studied very hard and tried to improve my English.

The accompanying clause related to margin calls worsened the case for many banks.

As such, arguments have been made to dispense with the fair market valuation method altogether.

Different areas of the world follow different accounting standards with the US businesses following the GAAP under the FASB and many countries of the world, particularly in Europe opting for the IFRS that are moderated by the IASB (Epstein).

There have been frequent cries about adopting similar standards and the FASB and IASB have even cooperated in 2002 to bring the two standards closer in conformity so as to adopt them in the US.

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