Gmat Optional Essay Business Plan For Startups

While it’s natural to become hung up on achieving the highest score possible, or fixate on the average GMAT score reported by the schools, I urge test-challenged clients to focus instead on aligning their scores within the 80 percent range.

Many schools list this information directly within their class profiles.

Often undermined, Optional Essays can make a serious impact on your application.

Few applicants understand the importance and approach for the optional essay and often end up making drastic errors.

Any number of factors could have thrown off your game, from illness to test anxiety to insufficient preparation.

Remember, this is about reaching out to grab the attention of the admissions committee with anything that could not have been said elsewhere. For example, the 80 percent range for the MBA class entering UC—Berkeley’s Haas School of Business in fall 2013 is 680-750.At Columbia Business School, the MBA class entering in 2012 had an 80 percent range of 680-760, and University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School lists the 80 percent range as 690-760 for the class of 2015.Her highest score was a 600, and to make matters worse, her quantitative percentile hovered around 40, which was about half of the target score at Harvard Business School, Jamie’s first-choice program.Although we’ve seen schools take risks on very strong clients who happened to have a low GMAT score, we decided Jamie should take the GRE and see how the two scores stacked up.It serves, as an extenuating circumstances essay combined with an open platform to mention anything else that the candidate feels will help his or her profile.If there are at all any extenuating circumstances to be addressed, they should be discussed first in the essay.In fact, this dedication to improving your score is often interpreted by the admissions committee as a sign that you’ll do whatever it takes to prove you’re ready for business school.If the issue is not being prepared enough, ramp up your studying, take a class or consider hiring a tutor who can help you streamline your efforts and teach you the best methods for answering the various question types.This is where you get to defend your overall case against anything you think might cast your application in a harsher light.Although not every possible thing you may be worried about is supposed to be addressed here, some acceptable topics are low GMAT, low GPA, gaps in education or work experience, any history of academic or legal misconduct and an inappropriate or unorthodox choice of recommenders.

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