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In my example, each sentence begins with the same subject, “The Industrial Revolution,” and each sentence has the exact same subject-verb construction, which makes reading laborious and tiresome.

If you notice that you tend to repeat sentence structures when you write, try getting used to inverting or rewording the sentence.

Do you want to say that Saw and Grand Theft Auto are detrimental to society or do you prefer to argue that they represent harmless escapism? Let the examples and your own knowledge and background dictate which side you support.

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It’s also a very important step in your CV when you apply to any Business School in the US or other countries.The test is a computer adaptive test that will offer questions based on the candidate’s level of preparedness.This means the level of difficulty will adapt according to how you answer each question but the final result will also be influenced if you keep getting the wrong answer.To score well on the GMAT, you’ll have to impress the readers with your essay’s content, structure, style. To be honest, though, you could write a perfectly grammatical essay with concrete examples and clear focus, and it still might not cut it.We’ve heard quite a bit about content and structure: have a clear argument, provide concrete examples, build your essay like a hamburger, etc. Check out this example below:“The Industrial Revolution of the nineteenth century had both negative and positive consequences.While there is no way to predict which topic you’ll see on test day, by following the same process and using the same template for each practice essay you write, you’ll be well-prepared. The topics may change, but your approach never will.Let’s look at one of the official GMAT topics: Portrayals of violence have proven commercially successful in television programs, movies, songs, and other forms of popular entertainment.You will not be scored on your opinion, but on how clearly and forcefully you make and defend your argument.Choose one or two main points based on your own knowledge, and then choose specific examples from your brainstorm list to support your conclusions. To start with the obvious, writing “well” means the difference between saying “writing good” and “writing well”–in other words, grammar.Examples of successful popular culture entertainment that incorporate violence: Remember that you won’t use every single one of these examples, but making a list and expanding upon the topic will help you brainstorm what points you’d ultimately like to make.Now it’s time to decide how you’d like to use these examples.

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