Glenn'S Easter Essay

The body was Ray Brower, the catalyst of King's novella As Henry goes through Lacy's file of clippings, the first clip he really studies might actually be the most devastating.

It's a story about a shopkeeper named Leland Gaunt, who remained missing after his "Oddity Store" caught fire.

For Andy, it was a moment of serenity and beauty in a harsh place.

Warden Lacy plays the same piece of music just before killing himself, looking for serenity and beauty in a different kind of moment. When we first meet Henry Deaver (Andre Holland), he's defending a woman on death row named Leanne Chambers (Phyllis Somerville), who's been accused of killing her abusive husband, Richard.

In a voiceover near the beginning of Episode 2, Warden Lacy asks if we "remember the dog," and later in the same episode Henry Deaver (Andre Holland) finds a newspaper clipping referencing the same dog."The dog" is clearly Cujo, the massive Saint Bernard from the novel and film of the same name who went rabid in Castle Rock and killed several people before he was put down.

During the same speech, Lacy also asks viewers if we remember "the strangler," a killer who terrorized Castle Rock in its troubled past.

When Henry visits the Lacy house and finds a file folder full of old newspaper clips, references to Cujo aren't the only things he finds.

He also discovers a clip referencing a body found by the train tracks, something Lacy also mentioned in his voiceover.

(Zelph’s cousin, three-times removed) Would you maybe possibly get a whole ‘nother testament of Jesus Christ? Plus, a special Easter/April Fools Day extended Easter Egg of an April Fools joke Glenn played on his mission.As she describes it, her uncle "flipped his lid and tried to axe murder his wife and kid at some fancy ski resort." Her parents never talked about it, despite Jackie's interest in such things, so she changed her name from Diane to Jackie, "just to piss them off." would also throw in a more direct reference.In one shot in Episode 2, one of the prison's towers can be seen above a street sign that shows us Shawshank is located on Redemption Road.It's clear from this clipping that a lot of often bear some relation to past Stephen King characters whether they're direct correlations or not, and Jackie Torrance (Jane Levy) might turn out to have one of the most significant names in the series.Jackie Torrance immediately calls to mind Jack Torrance, the alcoholic writer who goes mad and tries to murder his family in King's novel .Richard Chambers, John "Ace" Merrill, and Vince Desjardins were all members of the gang of bullies that plague our heroes in One of the earliest indications that something is particularly wrong with The Kid (Bill Skarsgård) — aside from having been locked in a cage for God knows how long — comes as he watches a mouse scurry out of a hole in a Shawshank hallway.At first, it seems he's only following the critter's path with his eyes, but then it's almost like he's guiding the animal right over to a trap, where its neck is snapped as it goes for a piece of cheese.In the film adaptation, this famously happened with the aid of a pair of scissors.In Episode 4, Dodd gets another mention when Molly Strand (Melanie Lynskey) mentions to a couple she's trying to sell the Lacy house and that she lives in the house where the strangler died, and she sleeps fine.And what’s more, free ice cream cones for everyone who changes their Facebook status to “I am a yummy yumkin” just for today. is a show saturated with everything Stephen King, to the point that it's perhaps the closest thing we'll ever have to a King novel not written by the master himself.

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