Geography River Coursework

As part of your A-Level Geography studies, you are required to undertake a fieldwork project as part of your independent study. For example, do not attempt to do a project on glaciation if you have not studied it! Secondly, you need to choose a project that is feasible.This is your chance to do something that you’re really interested in! You need to be able to carry it out around your home town.

Good luck, and remember to enjoy it – this is your chance to do something that you find really interesting.Post 16 options: Blackpool 6th Form ~ design courses (including textiles) .... Case studies that analyse individual products and how they relate to ..... prospectus 2019/20 - Wyke Sixth Form College ; Geography ... The activities build up the skills needed to be successful in case study … career paths for geographers are varied but geography provides useful background for: tourism,. progress while studying at Wyke Sixth Form College, along with ..... Blackpool - Case Study - Geography revision - AQA GCSE ; Geography revision - AQA GCSE. Blackpool Case Study Tourism - Flashcards in GCSE Geography ; Home Blackpool Case Study Tourism. Your risk assessment should identify all the possible hazards and how you might mitigate against them.Risk assessments should quantify: If your fieldwork is deemed to risky, you may not be able to undertake it. You should only study a topic that you have taken as a module during your A-Level Geography studies. Do you want to do a Physical, Human, or Combination project?Don’t try and plan a project that is very far away and difficult and costly to access.Your aim should include words like: What data will you collect on your project, and what techniques will you be using?You should only try and use techniques with which you are familiar, and that you have been taught by your teacher. If you wanted to take a look at some of the fabulous glacial geology in your local area, you could take a look at the Techniques in Glacial Geology for some ideas.Some techniques that you might use could include: You could also do the Projects suggested to help you understand some of these techniques.Next you will need to do some hunting around on the internet to try and find some good quality secondary data relevant to your A-Level Geography fieldwork investigation. Some areas have leaflets or pamphlets published about their geology; does the town Tourist Office have anything useful?

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