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These effects persisted even when we accounted for other factors that might affect repayment, like income and loan size.Male managers whose clients perceived the job as a “woman’s job” experienced an especially large disadvantage compared to male managers whose clients perceived the job as a “man’s job.”When men stepped in to work with a client who had initially worked with another male loan manager, the client was highly compliant with his directives.If we all can support both men and women who work in gender-atypical roles, perhaps we can become less likely to devalue some workers on the basis of arbitrary and old-fashioned gender stereotypes.- Gender stereotypes are vastly present throughout the Walking Dead.Our findings show that, when men work in a managerial job that people associate with a man and male stereotypes, they are able to wield a substantial amount of authority over clients.But when the very same managerial job happens to be associated with a woman, men who work in that position are viewed as significantly less legitimate sources of authority.

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[tags: Stereotype, Gender, Stereotypes, Hair] - Gender Stereotypes Among Children's Toys When you walk into the toy section of any store, you do not need a sign to indicate which section is the girls’ side and which section is the boys’ side.

In this region, the microfinance loan manager job is new and gender-balanced in its composition.

Unlike firefighters or nurses—jobs that are already strongly gender-stereotyped–loan managers at the microfinance bank we studied are about 50/50 men and women.

In other words, our study suggests that stereotyping a job as “women’s work” and societal biases that grant women less authority than men harm us all.

Ideally, we want to live in a world where we perform the work that is best suited to our abilities and where an individual in a position of authority receives the same respect, regardless of gender.

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