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Assessment 2: The Food Preparation Assessment 35% of total qualification.This assessment will require learners to plan, prepare, cook and present a selection of dishes, to meet particular requirements such as a dietary need, lifestyle choice or specific context.For centres in England, please visit the Eduqas website.Throughout KS3 you will have the opportunity to spend a full term in each of the areas to learn valuable practical and theoretical knowledge and life skills.Teachers may review students' work and may provide advice at a general level.Teachers, however, must not provide detailed and specific advice on how the draft may be improved to meet the assessment criteria.Students will choice which material they would like to work with (wood, plastic, textiles) and produce a working prototype and a portfolio of evidence.30 hours (max 40 pages) Work will be marked by teachers and moderated by AQA.

You will be expected to bring ingredients and will cook every double lesson.

The students make more savoury dishes including tomato and vegetable soup, bread, risotto and pasta dishes finishing with their own choice of savoury multicultural dish.

It includes the catering practical skills with the food science and nutrition theory from food technology. This course offers you the chance to learn basic chef and knife skills with theoretical understanding of food science and nutrition.

In Year 9 you will study an introduction to the course concentrating on building practical skills and looking at the science behind food and nutrition and healthy eating.

You will also complete an assessment task based on preparing and cooking a range of healthy dishes.

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