Gay Adoption Research Paper Outline Australian Government Business Plan

Adoption agencies match qualities that birth parents are looking for in adoptive parents to adoptive parents that have applied through their agency, and the agency works with both parties to carry out further processes like background checks, homestudies, child visitations, written contracts, legal fees, and court documents.(National Adoption Center) For gay adoptions, however, the legal process can be quite drawn out due to lack of family security with unmarried couples, strained parental rights, and concerns about the child’s upbringing by two same-sex parents.

Although it is becoming more tolerated to be a gay parent, gay adoption still has its misconceptions, especially in areas that are still greatly influenced by religion that disapproves of homosexuality.In time, however, as the world began to evolve and change with the rise of new ideas and discoveries, people started moving away from the church and grew more tolerant to non-traditional ways of life. Although still a foreign and sinful concept in some areas, homosexuality in first world countries has been more and more tolerated in recent years and has even started to become the social norm.With the emerging acceptance of homosexuality came acceptance to others factors involved in homosexual relationships, like marriage and children.Unfortunately, however, these concerns could potentially be the exception preventing birth parents from signing the adoption papers.Other than legal obstacles pertaining to what would all be found in paperwork, same-sex couples also endure many issues when actually going through the concrete side of the adoption process.From foster care adoption, to infant adoption, to international adoption, gay couples all have to undergo specific processes depending on the type of adoption and the location where the adoption is taking place.(Find Law) Despite the type of adoption, however, all processes must be done through an adoption agency, which works with the adoptive parents and birth parents to carry out the adoption legally and responsibly..” (Find Law) Although these are all reasonable concerns, studies have shown that children adopted by same-sex parents actually do not grow up any different than those adopted by straight couples.According to Gay, growing up in a homosexual household cannot make a child gay as most gay children grew up in heterosexual households, these children do not develop any differently socially or intellectually, and potential teasing is greatly reduced due to the growing toleration of gay parents in the United States.In this case, the partners could choose for one woman’s egg to be fertilized by a sperm donor and she also carry the baby, or they could choose for one woman’s egg to be fertilized and then implanted into her partner’s uterus to carry and deliver the baby.This can be quite difficult for some couples as fertility might be an issue.

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