Gap Year Essay

More than just acquiring technical knowledge and skills, students can learn crucial life lessons.Consider, for instance, how volunteering in a foreign country cultivates soft skills while enhancing future employability.On top of that, students face the challenge of funding their college education.Because of all the stress associated with this period, more and more Americans are opting to take a year off before entering college.Others choose to take advanced courses on subjects that interest them.Such experiences, in turn, allow students to gain so much learning.The transition from high school to college is a stressful time for countless American students.Apart from accomplishing all coursework in order to graduate, students are under great pressure to complete the application process and gain admission to college.

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The pressure of immediately starting college also causes many students to choose majors despite not yet having figured out what exactly their interests are.

The gap year is a year-long sabbatical students take before entering college.

During this time, a student may engage in a variety of pursuits including gaining work experience, traveling abroad, or volunteering.

For those with limited finances, international non-profit organizations offer the chance to volunteer and travel at the same time for free.

Whether students choose to fund their own travels or volunteer abroad, they gain the benefits of seeing the world.

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