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Community Problem Solving: Community Problem Solving (Cm PS) involves the seventh step of the problem solving process – implementation.

Teams of unlimited number work together to determine a problem in their school, their community, the nation or even the world.

At the end of the year the top problem solvers in Connecticut compete at the State Conference for the opportunity to represent Connecticut at the International Future Problem Solving Conference.

(FPSPof CT) prepares Connecticut’s students for the future by teaching them essential problem solving skills, not what to think.

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Students complete two practice problems and the qualifying problem.The scenario students create must be 1,500 words or less and set a minimum of 20 years in the future.Scenario Performance: In Scenario Performance students choose the FPS annual topic that interests them as they project twenty years into the future and create a futuristic story.They use the 6 steps to refine their goal and actually carry out their action plan.Scenario Writing-student write a futuristic scenario of no more than 1500 words on one of the 4 topics for the year or the previous year's IC-topic.Competition is broken into three divisions based on age: junior division (grades 4-6), middle division (grades 7-9) and senior division (grades 10-12).Competitive Program: Students participating in the competitive program break into teams of four (or fewer) and evaluate a future scene using the six step future problem solving process.FPS students utilize reading strategies as they review non-fiction material necessary for researching FPS topics annually.Some examples of topics covered previously in FPS are: nanotechnology, immigration, climate threats/change, orphaned children, sensory overload, cyber conflict, child labor and more.Students use the problem solving process to determine the underlying problem, generate solutions and evaluate their solutions.Once the team evaluates their solutions, the team implements their best solution.

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