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We can look at what these symbols represent and how they help develop the central concerns of guilt and redemption and the loyalty of friendship.

The most important symbol in the text is the Eid sacrifice which represents the character Hassan.

This quote reveals one of the main themes of the book, the bonds of friendship. Hassan is living in Amir’s house not only as an illegitimate member of the family, but also as a member of a “lower” ethnic group in Amir’s mind.

Why did I play with Hassan only when no one else was around?

Traditionally kites were used as tools in war and now in Afghanistan there are annual kite tournaments where teams of boys fight to win.

This becomes a metaphor that connects Hassan with the sacrifice.

The lamb accepts its fate, to be sacrificed for the love of God in much the same way that Hassan accepts the abuses of Assef for the love of Amir.

Amir tells Sohrab he will run him a kite, and that he would do this “a thousand times over”.

This is a phrase Hassan once used with Amir, to show Amir the level of his devotion.

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