Friends More Important Than Family Essay Anti Christian Essay

They too are going through exams, bullying, puberty, romance, marriage, divorce, parenthood etc.

They share your experiences and are more tolerant of how you handle things than family are - who are more likely to boss you, preach at you and put you down for your problems.

Your sibling often dobs on you to get the upper hand.

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Family is important when you are young because they physically look after you, but as you get older - and that is most of your life - family takes a backseat to friends, as we don't need them to look after us. Friends are like counsellors - friends share deepest secrets with each other - the secrets that nobody knows not even the family.At this time you can’t tend to your needs properly.It’s during such times when you badly need support.Friends may abandon you when things get tough, but family hardly will run away from you when things are not working out.Take an example of an instance when you have lost a job, or maybe you have poor health.This goes down without much argument that family is more important than friendship. The family and friends will give you the emotional support that you need when you need it.They are always there for you throughout the ups and down of life.Our family members can be our best friends, but our best friends can’t become our family members. Our company offers the best essay writing service on the web and is always ready to help with your task!After all, blood is always thicker than water Don’t have time or inspiration for writing an essay? All our writers hold either a college or a Ph D degree and are well experienced in writing all kinds of essays. I disagree with the statement that friends are more important than family.Three good points that show this -and will be discussed- are the historical part of family, emotional/ social part of family and financial part of family.

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