Freshman Year College Experience Essay Harold Innis Essays On Canadian Economic History

to go to college; it was never just an option or a choice. I wish I could say that I knew the answer to these questions, but I don’t and for the past few years leading up to the inevitable college admissions process I realized that even though I didn’t have the answer to one seemingly unanswerable question, I did have the answer to another. My career path (I was and still am set on becoming a writer) didn’t seem to require a college degree… After many arguments, pointless talks, and threats to change my name or get legally emancipated from my parents, I realized that I would be taking a gap year — never mind forgoing college completely.

Back home, I eat dinner around 8 p.m., but at Lehigh, the dining halls close at 7 p.m., with only one open until my usual dinner time.

No one will email you and say, “Hey, Christel don’t forget to come by office hours so I can help you with the work you missed the other day! It’s a big change, and sometimes I’ve questioned myself, asking what I’m doing here because of the overwhelming amount of work and opportunity.

Feeling inadequate is something that I’ve always struggled with and these first few weeks were full of times that highlighted that.

By the way, there is a difference between shower shoes and regular flip flops. I grew up being very independent, but I soon learned that there is a difference between self-proclaimed independence that comes with a parental safety net, and adulthood. Lehigh is an all-American school, with football (it's part of one of the oldest college football rivalries in the nation — Lehigh-Lafayette anyone?

), Greek life, and a perpetual spot on an endless amount of “Top Party Schools in America” lists.

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