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Here are some success tips: The second step toward becoming a French teacher is to obtain a teaching certificate.To obtain a teaching certificate or license, an aspiring French teacher has to register with his or her state board of education and complete exams.A bachelor's degree is the minimum educational requirement to apply for state teaching licensure.Future French teachers may select from several majors, such as French, education with a minor in French or French with a minor in education, depending upon the school they choose to attend.Students enrolled in an accredited four-year college or equivalent course work may meet this requirement.

Enrolling in certification through a national organization, such as the American Council on Teaching of Foreign Languages, exemplifies to employers the dedication a potential candidate has for teaching.

Language teachers offer instruction to children in a variety of settings, but are most commonly found in middle school and high school settings.

These educators plan and deliver lessons, assign and assess practice work and evaluate student progress throughout the school year.

Program coursework may include general education courses, in addition to classes on French literature, conversation and composition, French culture, teaching methods in foreign language and working with special needs students.

While enrolled in college, a prospective French teacher is required to complete an internship or a supervised work program at an elementary, middle or secondary school, depending on the age of the students they wish to teach.

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