Freedom Writers Movie Essay

Regardless of how many times the same movie has been done before, the white middle-class can use as many reminders as possible that education is not that easy to obtain everywhere.Even in America, opportunity is not equal, and I think it's important for people to see that. She does this mainly through her ‘then-unconventional and ‘disliked-by fellow-staff’ approaches.At one point, she brings a lot of diaries and asks her students to write whatever they want in it, be it their experiences, their struggles, their dreams.I can't remember the last time a movie made me cry... All I can say is that it is definitely worth at least a matinée fact, I don't think I have (teary-eyed doesn't count). The movie reminded me that all of America isn't like white middle-class suburbia, of which I am a part.Online essay about freedom writers by pperlap on freedom writers and do the students.

Read this after reading about a movie uploaded by our lives. Said to the answer be about accepts the movie freedom writers.Undeterred by the stiffness of the kids, Gruwell slowly and confidently begins to teach them.She begins to make them see how similar they are and how each one’s story is almost same.Well, that surely wouldn’t be one’s views when done watching ‘Freedom Writers’. Released in 2007, ‘Freedom Writers’ is a story of hope, inspiration, tolerance and courage.Based on the book, ‘The Freedom Writers Diary’ by Erin Gruwell, it has been directed by Richard La Gravenese, more known as an acclaimed, Academy Award nominated screenwriter.The movie also captures the plight of the Jews during the Nazi reign, the Holocaust and brings other important characters into play.One such example is Miep Gieps (Pat Carroll), the woman who sheltered Anne Frank.Set in the aftermath of the Los Angeles riots in 1992, the film follows the lives of troubled teenagers embittered by their surroundings as well as that of their determined and optimistic teacher.Having undergone a voluntary integration programme, Woodrow Wilson High School sees its students being segregated into different groups of Cambodians, African-Americans, Latinos and Whites.The inhibitions of the kids are slowly shed and they begin to trust and respect their ‘crazy’ teacher. At the same time, Erin has to deal with her husband played by Patrick Dempsey as well as her father played by Scott Glenn.While the former thinks that she spends far too much time with the students and ends up neglecting their marriage, the latter thinks that his daughter is way more capable to work elsewhere than waste her time with kids that are least bothered. It is the story of how broken yet tough kids affected by the riots begin to see hope in change.

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