Frankenstein And The Enlightenment Essays

It was an epistemological transformation that changed everything around people.

These global changes influenced the literature heritage greatly.

The life a human being becomes nothing in comparison to the possible scientific discovery leading from a scientific progress to a complete moral regress.Mary Shelley is one of those authors and her work Frankenstein is a loud scream against putting science on top of the human values.She warns people of becoming obsessed with science and of forgetting about the beauty, love and moral values, which were ignored back then.Being so much intelligent in science and ambitions made him forget about his responsibility for the creature.The values of the Enlightenment welcome the scientific experiments and their results, not caring whether the creation will find a place in the world around it.A unique view on Mary Shelleys Frankenstein as the product of the Scientific Revolution.What influence did the Scientific Revolution have on Mary Shelleys book Frankenstein?The novel highly criticizes the possible outcomes of the uncontrolled scientific progress and is a call of duty of each scientist to think carefully before creating something and to analyze if the world and he himself truly need this creation. The literature work Frankenstein can be considered to be on of the best reflections of the world perception back in the period of the Scientific Revolution.Thought the novel was written in 1817-its conflict is still vital in the contemporary world.The seventeenth and the eighteenth centuries brought a lot of changes into the baggage of knowledge of European people.It was the time when the world started to be considered to function like a machine and science finally found a shape in different separate scientific trends.

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