Fran Kimmel Laundry Day Essay

When Rogers was about to graduate from the Seminary with a specific charge to minister to children and their families through television, the plan was to produce a television program for the Presbyterian Church, but money to support it wasn't available.

And just at that moment Fred Rainsberry, head of children's programming for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, invited Rogers to Toronto to do a children's program -- 15 minutes with puppets and music.

After Celia has difficulty finding a pair of mittens, she and the scarecrow decide to put their hands in the same set of mittens when they enter the castle.

King Friday asks them to waltz together and tells them they only needed mittens because the ballroom is drafty.

They wanted to be close to family, especially because their two sons were very young at the time.

The first year the family was in Canada was for planning and preparation.

King Friday's servant, Edgar Cooke, fell and broke his arm.

The neighbors have been helping by cleaning and cooking at the castle.

He worked with children at the Bellefield Presbyterian Church while waiting for WQED to secure funding for a children's program.

By 1965, Rogers was planning and preparing for a Sunday afternoon program for WTAE, a commercial Pittsburgh television station, that ran from October through December 1965.

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