Fostering Critical Thinking

In general, Teachers are very concerned about improving critical thinking skills among students and find it a desirable outcome of nowadays education ( Mc Lean, 2005).Critical thinking is an important skill for any learner.This would include: problem based tasks, case studies and simulations.However, instructors face many obstacles in teaching the critical thinking process due to the practical constraints of conventional classes.

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It is based on the notion that through questioning, the process that occurs in the student’s mind creates thinking and learning.

Also, with the confine of contact time with learners, teachers face difficulty in fulfilling the learning process; and hence, they are forced to make effective decision concerning input coverage, good understanding, and critical analysis of teaching materials.

Thus, they should integrate instructional tools and techniques that can efficiently promote students’ learning and critical thinking.

What remains a challenge, still, is the development of the strategies that are required to critique and use this easy-to-find data.

As EFL teachers, we want our students to acquire lessons and practice logical judgment.

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