Formal Response Essay Essay On Honesty Pays

Not all students like doing creative assignments because of the strict formatting, citation, and structure requirements.

However, writing a response essay is regarded as one of the simplest tasks because your primary goal here is to come up with a response to a particular book, event, subject, video, etc.

A response paper is often structured in the following way: Depending on the teacher's instructions, response papers may or may not require the use of external sources.However, not just any book, article or event will come in hand - you should make sure that these subjects are fascinating, shocking, or sensational not only for you but your readers as well. That is a creative assignment based on your attitude toward a particular issue, and that is why you need to express your viewpoint only in the first person.In other words, you should provide some reasons for thinking the way you do, as well as let the reader know whether you agree or disagree with a particular statement.In your main paragraphs, you should develop the main idea by trying to answer the following questions: You should also review your own ideas.If you have your original viewpoint, try to prove it by using other scholars' achievements, scientific facts, valuable documents, various concepts or ideas.Its primary goal is to assert your own viewpoint, while all other arguments you mention will be simply supporting your thesis.Apart from being short and informative, the introductory sentences should amaze or even shock your readers, thus grabbing their attention and increasing their number.Here are sample instructions for a response paper: As you read the text on which you are to base your response paper, mark sections that strike you as important and make notes.One way of doing that is to keep a reading journal where you write down your reactions and ideas as you read.Therefore, continue the discussion by letting the readers know your viewpoint once again.Keep the last section short (no more than 5-6 sentences) and refraining from explaining new concepts here.

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