Fishbone Diagram Problem Solving

Oz Urology was experiencing a significant increase in no-show appointments.

This was disruptive to the practice, causing lost income and decreased patient dissatisfaction.

Staff from the scheduling, reception and finance departments gathered together to try and figure out the cause behind the no-shows.

Pam, the office manager, served as the meeting facilitator.

RCA is increasingly used in healthcare to improve safety, quality and minimize adverse events, as it provides a retrospective analysis of incidents or events.

The Fishbone Analysis diagram provides an effective tool to identify all the possible causes of a problem, not just the most obvious ones.

The practice had implemented new scheduling software in the last five months that sent appointment reminders via text so the practice didn’t need to call or leave messages. In the people category, it had been noted that the training for the new system had been rushed and left incomplete.

Standing alone on the procedure bone was the fact that front desk personnel were no longer making appointment reminder calls.

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The Fishbone diagram is one of the main tools used to measure, assess, monitor and improve the quality of production processes and is included to the list of Seven tools of quality control.This method allows problems to be studied and provides everybody with an insight into the problem so solutions can be developed and then implemented.When a practice uses FBA to evaluate a problem such as patient experience, clinical outcomes or compliance, there tends to be an open atmosphere that fosters greater understanding of the causes of a problem and quick identification of possible solutions.Exploring issues in detail often reveals solutions that might not have been previously considered.Although participating in an FBA exercise may seem time-consuming and daunting, the critical thinking skills gained through the experience can help doctors and staff enhance the patient experience throughout the practice.The Ishikawa diagram allows you to organize the reasons in a convenient visual format, to find among them the main, to identify the major causation factors and consequences in the interesting problem or situation, and also to prevent the occurrence of undesirable factors and causes.The Ishikawa diagram is a chart in the form of a fish, whose head is a problem, the fins are variants for its causes.At this it is important to indicate the really essential reasons, without going into too much detailing.To design easily the Fishbone diagram, you can use a special Concept Draw DIAGRAM ector graphic and diagramming software which contains the powerful tools for Fishbone diagram problem solving offered by Fishbone Diagrams solution for the Management area of Concept Draw Solution Park. Fishbone Diagram Problem Solving Fishbone Diagrams Solution contains the Fishbone Diagrams library with a lot of ready-to-use vector objects by using which a Fishbone diagram can be simply created even by a beginner.Usually, there are six categories, but the number can be changed depending on the problem.One version is to use the traditional six categories: machine, method, manpower, material, measurement and mother nature (environment).

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