First Grade Book Report 2014 Florida Bar Essays

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“This project is unlike your average boring old book report because it’s one where they get to express their creativity by drawing, bringing in props related to their books from home, and sharing what they liked and disliked about their book.”The first graders in Mrs.

The students ended their presentations by sharing whether or not they would recommend their book to their classmates and why.

This helps you to pick out specific parts of the story and these details will give you examples when you create your project. Have you visited the location of the book's setting?

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Louie is sad about being laughed at so he decides that he wants to use the things in his dad’s junkyard to build a rocketship!

Louie builds the rocketship and shows it to his friends which makes them stop laughing at him because they saw that the junk could build something really cool, and it taught them a good lesson,” said a student.

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