First Day Of High School Essay

I was on the Marathi paper on the school Marathi paper for the first day of the article published in the research paper on product innovation, the time may change.

Mobs upon mobs of children were all over the place. me in every exam and hold a grudge against me for the rest of the year.We proceeded to the car and embarked on our first ever ride to Bishop Fox's Secondary School. Since we were the new kids, we had to assemble in the school hall with the rest of our year to have a talk with our head of year.As we drew nearer the school the pathways far and wide were brimming with school children. It was easy to find as it was just through the foyer.When I left to go to school I had to go by myself, but my brother had already shown me where it was and I was told it was only ten bus stops till the school.So when my bus came I was unsure but I got on and counted all the bus stops that what by but I realised I had counted too many, but there were people on the bus who were in the same uniform as me and they had not got off, so I stayed on, and then I saw the school looking big and old, and there were already a lot of children in the playground, then everyone started to get off so I got off as well. Middle When it was break I found my friends who were also in different classes and we met some other people in the playground and we started talking about people on our classes.A story from the four interesting, touching and completely honest mothers' writers on the first day.In addition to the school paper I wrote in a Marathi paper, some articles suggest that the purpose of college admission is very interesting.My next lesson was art and we just looked at different paintings, followed by lunch where we gossiped on my scolding in science.My last lesson was Drama, where we just went round telling each other our names, where we came from etc etc etc.When the moderation started I wasn't picked so I was pleased because I was rubbish t table tennis.After the moderation we were aloud to go home, but when I got outside there were still a lot of people waiting outside and messing around and we were told to leave the school and I remembered not wanting to leave but we had to go and I remembered worrying about how my first day at collage was going to be.

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