Fido Business Plans

i Phone prices include up to 0 in subsidy, which lowers by equal amounts over 24 months, which is required by the Wireless Code of Conduct.

For example, an i Phone 6s costs 8.99 with a two-year agreement or 9 outright.

What to know: Bell also owns Virgin Mobile, which is aimed at a slightly younger demographic than its main brand.

While Virgin Mobile uses the same network as Bell, it does not offer share plans, and occasionally has more competitive prices.

Like all other carriers, Bell offers share plans, which allow users the choice of unlimited local or national calling and Canada-wide texting, and a data bucket that can be shared with up to nine additional people.

Bell is a national carrier with coverage in every province and territory.

Rogers has the oldest relationship in Canada with Apple on the i Phone, since it was the only de facto GSM carrier when the i Phone 3G expanded beyond the U. Under the guidance of CEO Guy Laurence, Rogers has revamped its customer service process, promising shorter wait times and more comprehensive, one-on-one support.

Rogers uses its media properties and partnerships to great effect, offering share plan customers the option of two years of either streaming music service Spotify, streaming video service Shomi, or all-you-can-read magazine service Texture.

Bell, which owns a number of media properties in Canada, such as CTV, offers 24-months of Mobile TV access when signing a two-year contract.We have some of the consistently fastest networks outside of Asia, with providers adopting standards like LTE-Advanced and Voice Over LTE before those in the U. As much as Canadians complain about their telecom providers, a growing number are spending an increasing amount of their devices.Basically, we're all addicts, and the telcos are our dealers.Rogers also offers a per month discount for customers purchasing their own i Phones and bringing them to the carrier, or under the Smart Tab brand, for spending more on their devices upfront.Rogers is a national carrier with coverage in every province and territory.It also owns Crave TV, a streaming service that exclusively licenses HBO and Showtime content.While Bell isn't particularly well-known for its customer service, it has been trying to improve its reputation in recent years.After transitioning from CDMA technology to a more modern HSPA network in 2009, Bell launched its LTE network in late 2011.Bell partners with Telus on the network side, which includes tower and equipment sharing in various parts of the country.There are nearly a dozen carriers on tips of Canadians' tongues — Rogers, Bell, Telus and their flankers, Fido, Virgin Mobile, Koodo; regionals like Sask Tel, MTS, Videotron, Eastlink; and national upstarts like Wind — but in many cases, there are very few ways to differentiate them.The Canadian mobile market can be defined using two simple words: . But we also pay a premium for that privilege, resulting in some of the highest average revenue per user (ARPU) per carrier in the the world.

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