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Perhaps then man is not such an entegral part of the Earthspirit. “The conditions of Fausts wager and the its resolution in the light of Cantian ethics.” The English Goethe Society New series Vol.

Faust must drink the withces potion and embrace the offerings of Mephistopheles, because of the nature of the bets made with mephisto.

The Dieter Dorn production on the other hand produces Mephistopheles with overwhelming theatrics.

Mephistopheles breaches into heaven through the floor of the stage, ripping up the floor boads, spouting venemous red light into the serene blue of Heaven.

Man appears as a “strange creation which vascillates between heaven and earth, between the possible and the imposible, the most coarse and the most delicate or whatever other extremes the human imagination may conjure up.”[8] Thus, in his attempt to defeat Faust it is imperative that “Mephistopheles desires to make Faust behave as though he were exclusively of this world, but Faust conscious that he possesses two souls in his breast, cannot possibly accept this point of view.” Due to this duality within man, which is present in Faust by the presence of elements of the metaphysical and the physical in one being, man will never be satisfied because he is an imperfect being.

Gillies in his analysis insists that “if we strive to grasp the finite we must do so within the bounds of our earthly existance, we learn or be destroyed.”[9] This is the keystone to the Faust mystery.

But far from bring a fable with a moral, it is a tale of dubious moral character.

Due to its ambiguity, the ambiguity with which Faust deals with his actions, and the supernatural influence of mephistopheles, can the actions of Faust be judged as clearly immoral?

It is a world where the people at the city gate treat Faust wihout an ounce of courtesy; they even transform directly into the witches who turn Faust away from his piety and into a creature of the foulest magnitude.

” There are two bets with mephisto: the Lords who stakes Faust’s salvation on the ceaselessness of his striving and Faust’s, who offers his life if he should ever affirm any aspect of human existence.”[6] As a result “Faust may attain salvation because Mephisto lost his bet with the Lord but he must also die, because he lost his bet with Mephisto,”[7]or did he lose his bet with Mephisto when he died, as he would have if he refuses to engage in any activityoffered by Mephisto?

The Weimar production presents the world of Faust as one of cosmic harmony and social harmony.

Goethe’s Faust raises constant questions concerning good and evil, causality and predetermination.

Goethe’s Faust is concerned with the “fundamental religious and and philosophical problems which have ever fascinated and tormented mankind, problems such as, the relationship between man and and the powers of good and evil; mans revolt against human limitations; the thirst for knowledge beyond mere information; the puzzeling disparity between the sublimity and misery of human life.”[2] With all of these great attributes Goethe’s Faust emerges as a great German Literary acomplishment which due to its inherent ambiguity has been adopted by every major German social and political movement.

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