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Obesity increases the risk of heart attack and other related diseases.

It’s pm, you just got out of chemistry class, and you’re starving–but you have that argumentative essay on fast food due soon! You check out the menu (in case your meal number has changed) to find the perfect meal.

Fast food is rich in fats, salts, artificial substances and oils which increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Well, obesity is also on the rise as a result of growing popularity of fast food.

Fast food menu provides people with extensive varieties of ready meals and drinks to choose.

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In most cases, cooking for single person leads to unnecessary food been remaining which goes to waste.

One way to simply avoid these effects is to not eat fast food or to eat it in moderation.

According to the website Partner’s For Your Health which is a site run by the North Ohio Heart Center, “Americans spend more than 0 billion on fast food every year. is enough to stop world hunger for many years” (Kidd).

As well, fast food comes at a cheaper price compared to home cooked meals.

Fast food menu offers a good option for people on diet.

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